Susan Bates

Susan Bates Sizes 0 To 10 4/Pkg

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Aluminum Susan Bates in-line hook head for uniform stitches and reduced wrist strain. This crochet hook has a velvety smooth ergonomic handle. This package contains one 5.5 inch long crochet hook. Comes in a variety of sizes. Each sold separately. Imported. Crochet hooks ERGONOMC CROCHET HOOK FOR ARTHRITIC HANDS - The super comfortable ergonomic crochet handle makes this crochet set perfect for suffers Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel.They are made from high quality Aluminium meaning they are lightweight,strong,so you can crochet faster and longer with these crochet hooks.SAY GOODBYE TO CROCHETING WITH PAIN AND FATIGUE
Brand: Susan Bates
UPC: 077216042254
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