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Prepared Slides Bundle: Set I & Ii, Pack Of 12

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Includes 12 prepared slides with 4 specimens each in two boxes. Set 1 • Pollens & Spore: pollen of lily, sunflower pollen, bottle brush sport, fern spore • Tiny Creature: plant louse, fruit fly, shrimp egg, silk work larva (moth) • Textile Fibers: hemp fiber, silk stuff, cotton fibre, bemberg • Insects: leg of butterfly, wing of butterfly, wing of locust, leg of honey bee • Plants: pine wood, camellia leaf section, bamboo shoot, sponge gourd • Animals: goldfish scale, hare hair, camel hair, feather fowl point Set 2 • Pollens & Spore: tulip pollen, leaf spore, pinte tree pollen, orange pollen • Tiny Creature: common red sponge, angora rabbit hair, ant, mouse fur • Textile Fibers: panya, nylon, wool, handmade paper • Insects: locust leg, worker bee wing, bee antenna, bee abdomen • Plants: stem of corn, leaf of nerium, onion rind, silver berry scaly hair • Animals: cat hair, canary feather, dog hair, sheep hair
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