Great Depression & the New Deal: Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

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For nearly ten years, the wealth and prosperity of the "roaring '20s" had electrified America. The Stock Market was making people richer by the day. But in three fateful days in October 1929, all of that wealth vanished, and prosperity turned to poverty. The Great Depression had begun, and with it came record levels of unemployment, job loss, and despair.Then, just when all hope seemed lost, a presidential candidate promised "a new deal for the American people." That man was Franklin D. Roosevelt, and this is the story of the Great Depression and how the New Deal saved the United States.In this book, kids will wander the streets of the largest cities and smallest towns with adults looking for any way to eke out a living. They'll ride creaky old wagons in the mass exodus out of the Dust Bowl that was once the Great Plains, and they'll wade through the "alphabet soup" of New Deal programs that President Roosevelt created - just in the nick of time! This 32-page book is reproducible and educational.