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The 7 Continents: South America, Grades 4-6+

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Develop geography literacy while learning about the unique characteristics of South America! The 7 Continents: South America helps students learn about South America through fun reading and writing activities.Five geography units cover the following standards-based topics:Section 1: South America in the WorldIntroduces students to the location of South America in the world.South America's Relative LocationSouth America's HemispheresSouth America's Absolute LocationUsing a Projection MapSection 2: Political Divisions of South AmericaIntroduces students to the three regions and 12 countries of South America.Population of South AmericaCountries of South AmericaLargest Countries by AreaLargest Countries by PopulationWestern South AmericaPopulation of Western South AmericaNorthern South AmericaPopulation of Northern South AmericaEastern South AmericaPopulation of Eastern South AmericaCapital Cities of South AmericaSection 3: Physical Features of South AmericaStudents learn about the landforms and bodies of water of South America.South America's LandscapeAndes MountainsHighlands of South AmericaPlains of South AmericaAmazon RainforestAtacama DesertTierra del FuegoSouth America's Bodies of WaterAmazon RiverLake TiticacaAngel FallsSection 4: Valuable Resources of South AmericaStudents learn about the various natural resources of South America.Oil in VenezuelaItaipu DamMining MetalsAgricultureCattleLlamas and AlpacasRainforest ResourcesAmazon Rainforest WildlifeGalapagos Islands WildlifeSection 5: South American CultureIntroduces students to the architecture, art, beliefs, and traditions of South American people.Tourist AttractionsArts and EntertainmentReligions of South AmericaNative CulturesSouth American CuisineCelebrations